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Hearing Aids Palm Bay FL

Palm Bay Hearing Aid Center was founded to help members of our community get more from a local hearing care provider. Palm Bay Hearing Aid Center continues the tradition of better hearing through education, technology, and customer service. To get the most out of your visit today, start by watching our interactive video on hearing loss and hearing aids, then download your free Guide to Better Hearing, and after that schedule an appointment with us to discuss your personal situation and how Palm Bay Hearing Aid Center can help you. We look forward to seeing you soon.

At Palm Bay Hearing Aid Center, we are dedicated to providing exceptional hearing and balance care in a caring, compassionate environment to patients of all ages. Using the latest diagnostic equipment, our professionally trained, licensed and board certified specialists provide comprehensive hearing and balance evaluations to understand each patient's needs. When necessary, rehabilitative services such as hearing aids, hearing assistive technology, counseling or balance rehabilitation are provided with the goal of helping each patient lead a richer, fuller life. By working with a number of leading hearing aid manufacturers, amplification needs can be individually tailored to help each patient communicate and function at their best in a manner that meets their needs and budget.

Almost everybody knows someone who has been affected by some degree of hearing loss. While hearing impairment can be the result of heredity, it also is a natural and graduated result of the aging process.

Our site is full of information, images, videos, and downloadable information that you can examine in the comfort of your own home. We have even made it easy for you to contact our hearing professionals to find out more and get an expert’s opinion.

Palm Bay Hearing Aid Center

754 Malabar Rd SE
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Phone: 321-369-9900

What Your Neighbors Say

 Olga Legan

The only regret that I have is that I waited to long to get my hearing aids. I never knew how much I was missing. They are easy to use, very comfortable and I thank the friendly, happy and helpful staff for all their concern in this decision.

Olga Legan

Jerry Brown

When I realized I had some hearing loss I still put off getting any help. Finally in 2009 I came to Palm Bay Hearing Aid Center and I am so glad I did. I realize not everyone mumbles and talks so low that I could not here them, but it was me all along.

Jerry Brown

Thomas Guame

After 10 years of service from Mr. Roberts, I can sincerely state that I am very happy with my hearing aids and well satisfied with the service!

Thomas Guame

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our professionals “Make sure you’re not the last to know …Have your hearing checked today!”

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